CBC News in Review

The JDSS Library maintains a collection of several CBC News in Review DVDs.  Below is a list of our holdings.  

April 2014
  • The Economic Benefits Of Hiring Disabled Employees
  • North Korea:  The Unknown Nation
  • Kids & Technology:  The Dark Side Of The Wired World
  • Synthetic Identity Fraud:  Costing Consumers Billions
March 2014
  • The Crisis In Ukraine
  • Airport Wi-Fi:  Canada Spying On Its Own
  • Stephen Harper In Israel
  • Russia:  In The Shadow Of The Games
February 2014
  • Nelson Mandela:  An International Symbol
  • Pope Francis Making Headlines
  • Addiction and the Food Industry
  • Winter's Bitter Grip
January 2014
  • Typhoon Haiyan: Destruction in the Phillipines
  • Military Suicides in Canada
  • JFK:  72 Hours That Changes America
  • Lady Gaga:  Icon of Our Era
December 2013
  • A Look Back at Business 2013
  • A Look Back at International News 2013
  • A Look Back at Science and Health 2013
  • A Look Back at Law and Social Justice 2013
November 2013
  • Frosh Week Controversy
  • Kenya Mall Attack
  • The Raising of Costa Concordia
  • What is Dying With Dignity
October 2013
  • Death of the Honeybee
  • The Killing of Sammy Yatim
  • Senate Expense Scandal
  • Egypt Uprising
September 2013
  • Calgary:  Summer of the Flood
  • Rail Disaster:  Devastation in Lac-Mégantic
  • Royal Birth:  The World Welcomes Prince George of Cambridge
  • Henry Morgentaler:  Death of a Canadian Protagonist
April 2013
  • The Pope:  Resignation and Election 2013
  • Argo:  The Real Canadian Story
  • Blackberry Fights Back
  • U.S. Gun Debate
March 2013
  • Idle No More:  A Protest for Aboriginal Rights
  • Flu Season:  Winter's Nasty Blow
  • The Human Brain:  Unravelling the Mysteries
  • Super Rich:  Decline of the US Middle Class
February 2013
  • Hockey Lockout:  A Season Saved
  • Foreign Workers:  Who Gets In?
  • Chris Hadfield:  Return To Space
  • Hoaxes And Pranks:  When The Joke Turns Tragic
January 2013
  • B.C. Earthquake
  • Rob Ford:  Toronto's Controversial Mayor
  • Eight Days:  Israel And Hamas
  • Superstorm Sandy
December 2012
  • Learning from the Death of Amanda Todd
  • US Election:  Obama Re-elected
  • Canada's Spy Story
  • Truth, Lies, and Confessions
November 2012
  • Justin Trudeau:  Federal Liberal's Future?
  • Ontario Teachers and Democratic Rights
  • Canada's Soccer Fixing Scandal
  • E. Coli Health Hazard
October 2012
  • Quebec Votes 2012
  • Lance Armstrong:  Hero or Villain?
  • The Search For The Franklin Expedition
  • Crisis In Syria
September 2012
  • Colorado Shooting Rampage
  • Quebec Students Speak Out
  • Cod Moratorium 20 Years Later
  • Elliot Lake Mall Collapse:  A Preventable Tragedy?
May 2012
  • Budget 2012:  The Axe Begins to Fall
  • The NDP Chooses A New Leader
  • Burma And The Great Awakening
  • Titanic:  The Canadian Story
April 2012
  • Election 2012 and the Robocall Scandal
  • Bill C-30 and Internet Privacy
  • Generation One:  Living in Two Worlds
  • The Drug War in Mexico
March 2012
  • The Great Oil Pipeline Debate
  • Egypt's Revolution One Year Later
  • Research in Motion's High-Tech Woes
  • The Vancouver Hockey Riot
February 2012
  • The Emergency in Atawapiskat
  • Canada and the Jobless Crisis
  • The Horror and Fear of Honour Killing
  • The Bloodbath in Syria
December 2011
  • The Rise of the Occupy Movement
  • Canada's Controversial Crime Bill
  • The Struggle to Save Canada's Farmland
  • Healing the Invisible Wounds of War
November 2011
  • Teen Suicide:  Breaking the Silence
  • The Eurozone and the Economic Crisis
  • Amanda Lindhout's African Journey
  • Coping with the Stress of Graduation
October 2011
  • The Life and Death of Jack Layton
  • Terry Fox:  Remembering a Canadian Hero
  • Libya and the Fall of Gadhafi
  • The Vancouver Riot:  What Went Wrong?
September 2011
  • The Massacre in Norway
  • War and Famine in Somalia
  • The 9/11 Attacks:  Ten Years Later
  • Life, Work, and Smartphones
May 2011
  • Canadians Vote in a Spring Election
  • Canada and the Afghanistan Legacy
  • Revising the History of the Americas
  • The Real Story of the King's Speech
April 2011
  • Japan and the Nuclear Nightmare
  • The Uprising in Libya
  • Hockey and the Concussion Debate
  • How Facebook Changed the World
March 2011
  • Parliament And The Election Question
  • Egypt And The Days Of Anger
  • The Shooting Of Gabrielle Giffords
  • Vacation Nightmare In Mexico
February 2011
  • Wikileaks and the Information War
  • Haiti In a Time of Cholera
  • The Assaissination of Raflik Hariri
  • How Healthy Are Canadians?
December 2010
  • The Trial of Omar Khadr
  • The Oil Sands and the PR War
  • A New Campaign to Fight Bullying
  • The Rescue of the Chilean Miners
November 2010
  • Hurricane Igor Hits Newfoundland
  • Canada's New Governor General
  • Afghanistan:  A Frontline Report
  • BPA:  The Chemical Inside Us
October 2010
  • The Tamil Boat People Controversy
  • Pakistan's Catastrophic Floods
  • The Fate of the Long-Gun Registry
  • Journey Back to Nagasaki
September 2010
  • The Controversy Over the Census
  • The G20 Summit:  Talks and Teargas
  • The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Residential Schools:  Truth and Healing
May 2010
  • Parliament and The Detainee Issue
  • How Canadians Are Helping Haiti
  • How Tolerant Are Canadians?
  • K'nann:  A Canadian Sings for the World
April 2010
  • Earthquakes:  The Horror and the Science
  • Toyota Recalls Millions of Vehicles
  • Taking the Violence Out of Hockey
  • The Hidden Dangers of Nanoparticles
March 2010
  • A Deadly Earthquake Devastates Haiti
  • Young Adults and Heart Disease
  • The Trials of the Toronto 18
  • Diving for Clues to Canadian History
February 2010

  • Richard Colvin and the Afghan Detainees
  • The Road to the Winter Olympics
  • The Plane Bomber and Airport Security
  • Canada's Amazing Neptune Project
December 2009
  • The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit
  • Is The Recession Really Over?
  • The Internet: Forty Years Later
  • The Great U.S. Health Care Debate
November 2009
  • Parliament And The Election Question
  • Keeping Up With The Swine Flu
  • Adoption: Looking For A Baby Abroad
  • Trying To Save The World’s Amphibians
October 2009
  • Canada and the Stranded Canadians
  • Afghanistan’s Troubled Election
  • Remembering Canada’s War Dead
  • Autism: Living with Difference
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